Clinical depression symptoms. How to identify depression

Major depression

If you have a constant sense of hopelessness, despair or if you find that is difficult to work, to sleep and eat, or enjoy life generally, you may have clinical depression.

Do you have these symptoms? If you have at least five of these symptoms for two weeks or more, go to a doctor (psychiatrist):

You eat more or less than usual
Insomnia or hypersomnia
You isolate yourself from the others
Fatigue, lack of energy
You cry without reason
You feel sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness
Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
Aches or pains with no physical basis
You have memory difficulties
Recurring thoughts of death or suicide attempts

How we treat this disease?

Clinical depression is a treatable illness. The psychiatrist may recommend that you take an antidepressant medication or may suggest psychotherapy.
Other treatment option for clinical depression - electroconvulsive therapy – in worst case, when symptoms are severe.
You can manage disease by learning how to relax, avoid or reduce stress and taking your medication.

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Johnny Blackburn said...

A common misconception related to clinical depression is that it develops overnight and can be recognized by obvious changes in the behavior symptoms of whiplash

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