How to help prevent cancer

Cancer prevention is easier than you ever thought.

How to eat to prevent cancer
Do small changes in your lifestyle and later you will see the results.
Below are some tips for preventing cancer.
Try to follow the tips and think positive! See “The Secret” – movie online.

  1. Avoid smoking or stop smoking right now
  2. Eat fruits and veggies – have a healthy diet
  3. Drink Green tea or Horsetail tea, Nettle tea
  4. Drink purified water
  5. Exercise – when you`re exercise you`re reducing the risk
  6. Do breathing exercises (for example Pranayama)
  7. Get screened regularly
  8. Drink alcohol in moderation
  9. Keep a healthy weight
  10. Remove stress from your life
  11. Limit consumption of salt and sugar
  12. Limit consumption of milk or other dairy

Health and accomplishments!

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